About the Department                           

                                The Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE) was established in the year 1996 with the vision of developing the department as a Centre of Excellence in the field of Electronics and Communication Engineering and make the students blossom into meritorious and self-disciplined engineers by hard work.The department, headed by professors and lecturers who are experts in their own disciplines, aims at educating and training students with sound knowledge and awareness in the latest trends in electronics, communication and information technology..

 Our Mission

                                The mission of  ECE department is to produce Quality Engineers through creating self awareness, technical superiority and competent skills which can rise to the occasion on contextual basis to provide an optimal solution for meeting every need thereby becoming the automatic choice for the technology integration .

Our Vision

                                   The vision of ECE department is to provide Quality Education & Training . Ourfoundation for providing excellent education & training lies in our emphasis in capability development. We always like to have dedicated individuals in our work environment that encourages