1. Department Library
The department maintains a library which consists of the following:

  1. Text & Reference books on various titles
  2. Mini project reports
  3. Major project reports
  4. Model laboratory records
  5. Model experiment  manuals
  6. University question papers

2. General Amenities
This department is facilitated with the following:

  1. A mini seminar hall
  2. Overhead Projector
  3. LCD Projectors
  4. Public Addressing System

3. Internet Facility
ECE is facilitated with internet connection. Staff and students avail the same and acquire high benefits.

4. Laboratory Facilities
The Electronics & communication Engineering Department has the
following well equipped  laboratories

Electronics and  Digital Lab: In this laboratory all sorts of components, devices like AFO, power supply, digital kits, measuring instruments such as CRO, meters & accessories are available.

Communication Lab: This laboratory is provided with all items pertaining to RF and Communication Engineering. It also has a Spectrum analyzer, various antennas, L Band Receivers, a Color T.V.  as additional facilities.

Microprocessor Lab(Basic and Advanced Micro processor Lab) The Microprocessor laboratory is well equipped with many basic & advanced microprocessor and microcontroller  kits and interfacing units.

Microwave and Optical lab (Microwave and Fiber optics equipment): This laboratory is housed with adequate test benches including, Klystron and Gunn Sources in X and J bands. Also it has optical sources like LED, Laser and photo detectors & power meters along with optical  kits.

 ECE Computer Lab ( DSP / VLSI / Network Lab): This lab is established with many personal Computers and DSP Trainer kits & MATLAB, Software. The VLSI lab is established with VLSI kit & Xilink software. The Networks lab equipped with Network kits and Linux software